I Like Scary Movies Experience

For a company of nerds, we often get amazing opportunities to work on projects we are passionate about. Every so often a project comes along that we lose our minds over.  This. Is. It. We have had an epic time working with Ultra Productions on the PR and social campaigns for the I Like Scary Movies Experience! We can’t get enough of this mind-blowing interactive art installation. 

1..2.. Freddy came for Team Click!

1..2.. Freddy came for Team Click!

 From building up social channels from zero, to doubling followers from 10K to 20K in less than 24 hours, this experience has blown up the horror fan world and is creeping its way into the hearts of everyone who comes to receive a Penny for their Fears…….

Our staff has had a blast making new friends, surviving the twisted mind (and mouth!) of Pennywise the Clown, waiting for our number to be called, and just plain hanging out!


 And at the end of the day, “They’re just noodles, Michael”