Avenge the Fallen!!

To celebrate the Avengers: Endgame opening weekend, Team Click would like to share with you some of our favorite “fallen” characters and our thoughts (ahem, feelings) on why each of them deserved to live. Avenge the Fallen!! Now where is that bejeweled glove…….



Matthew Crawley ("Downton Abbey”) – Since I binge-watched this show I had no idea Dan Stevens was planning to leave after the third season and was complete shocked! His untimely and might I say, tragic death, was so unexpected. He and Lady Mary had FINALLY gotten together and were happy. In his final episode he was on his way home to see his newborn baby! It was the Christmas episode! Time will tell but fingers crossed he somehow makes an appearance in the movie ☺



Hodor (“Game of Thrones”) – A FALLEN HERO! Bran messed up big time and can never be forgiven tbh.



Leia Organa (Star Wars) – Leia was THE archetype for me growing up: the princess who rescued her rescuers, the level-headed leader, the fearless badass. Carrie Fisher was my hero as an adult—as a writer, as an outspoken advocate for destigmatizing mental illness, and as a damn funny broad. They are intertwined in my heart and mind. Seeing Carrie onscreen as General Leia in this last Star Wars installment will yield some serious ugly crying, folks, regardless of whether the character lives or dies.

Marie_George OMalley.png


George O’Malley (“Grey’s Anatomy”) – O’Malley started out as the underdog of the series but you grew to love him. Bailey named her son after him! He operated in an elevator! Your heart broke when he lost his dad. I knew the character was going to leave the show and join the military but I didn’t know they were going to kill him off as well. When Meredith was in the OR with him and he writes out 007 so he could tell her he was the John Doe on the table (he had had been hit by the bus, in order to save a stranger!) I remember literally yelling out “Oh, s#!t!” Couldn’t they just let him leave, join the service and continue to save people instead of kicking us in the stomach by killing him off as well?!



Li’l Sebastian (“Parks and Recreation”) The moment I thought about characters who deserved to live, I instantly thought about Li’l Sebastian. I guess that goes to show the impact that Li’l Sebastian has had on the lives of many. “Sebastian may have been li’l, but his impact…was anything but li’l”. You say that’s a lie. Well, I say “bullshirt”! Li’l Sebastian embodies all that is good in the world (he served as a goodwill ambassador for Indiana Veterans). He’s a symbol of hope (A champion climber, he was a member of the Great Lakes Ski Patrol and Emergencey Rescue Team) and prosperity (he received his honorary degree from Notre Dame University). Although he was only in a few 30-minute episodes, he’ll live in out hearts forever. RIP Li’l guy. You’re still “5,000 candles in the wind”.



Charlie Pace (“Lost”) – Charlie’s journey from a washed-up, drug-addicted rock star to a strong leader, caring boyfriend, and responsible father figure was inspiring and heart-warming, and it was cruel to cut that short just as he was finding his true purpose. His character had so much potential, and I’ll never get over how he was taken away only a few seasons into the show!



Artax (The NeverEnding Story) – If you grew up in the ‘80s and you still don’t tear up just thinking about Artax’s fate in the Swamps of Sadness during Wolfgang Peterson’s classic adaptation of The NeverEnding Story, you may need to go to your doctor to find out if there’s a heart still beating in your chest. Poor Artax didn’t deserve his fate and neither did our innocent little hearts.



JT Yorke (“Degrassi: The Next Generation) When reminiscing on Degrassi: The Next Generation, aka the greatest Canadian television show of all time, people tend to focus on the famous rapper, Drake's character and his near death experience. However, I truly believe JT Yorke was the shining star of the hit TV show and his completely random and unnecessary death (he was literally stabbed in the back; how cliche) pretty much killed all that was charming and golden about the series. If they had to kill someone off, they could have chosen at least ten other characters that would not have left such a massive dent in the audience's hearts, while still stirring up drama. In fact, Drake's character could have died and it would have been less of a loss. Long live JT Yorke.



Boba Fett (Star Wars) – To this day he is still one of my favorite characters in the Star Wars universe. I remember rewinding his scenes as a kid and was upset he was “killed” by the Sarlacc. His armor and mannerisms are so unique, I would love to see him have his own movie on the big screen!



Eddard “Ned” Stark (Game of Thrones) – Lord Ned Stark, the patriarch of House Stark and the King in the North (of Winterfell), faced an un-timely death at the end of S1 via beheading by the worse possible person: King Joffrey Baratheon, the young snot-nosed brat who ascended to the Iron Throne after the poisoning/death by boar of his father Robert, coordinated by his mother, Cersei Lannister. Ned was legendary; a honorable character that every man wants to become and every woman wants to love. His downfall came as a result of him having mercy, by trying to save lives and we miss him because he left a huge impact on us through his 5 children. His death was heart-breaking and tragic because he died for doing the right thing and standing up for his beliefs -- and it was a total shock. It was a sad reminder that sometimes in fact, nice guys do finish last.