Click's New Shoes!!


“Physician, heal thyself.” (The Bible, Luke 4:23)


It’s a tale as old as time: the professional in his field fills his time so completely doing a job for others, that he runs out of time to help himself.


Here at Click, we’ve joked for awhile that “The cobbler’s children have no shoes.” Any time someone would reference our outdated website or a social media account that hasn’t posted in awhile, we’d throw this old adage out. Then we get back to work on our clients’ projects.


It’s a reasonable approach to some degree. We exist to take care of clients, after all. When it comes to our Core Values, we pour our Passion, Care, and Integrity into our work, for them. 


The problem is that this approach neglects two of our other Core Values: Communication and Growth.


Specifically: it’s been too long since we’ve told people how we’ve grown.


“We thought you were just a small agency of, like, five people or so,” we’ve heard. Yeah, that’s not at all true, or else our office would be a lot roomier (and quieter).


“We thought you only handled digital,” someone might say. That’s still a specialty, but we’ve been full service PR since acquiring Carl Samrock PR in 2017.


“You do social media?” a publicity client will ask, surprised. Yes, very well, for a long time now.


So here we are, healed by our own trade, wearing shiny new shoes in the form of our new site. Please, follow us and chat to us on all of our social media channels. Contact us through our site, send comments on our blog. We’re entering a brave new world here at Click, and we’re excited to tell you all about it.

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons